Start with a hand-picked selection of unique objects for your home, the finest kitchen tools and treasures, and delightful gifts for everyone and every occasion. Add a staff who anticipates your every need, and a serene environment that makes shopping feel like a vacation. That’s J. Matheson Gifts, Kitchen & Gourmet.

Since 1991, we have helped you find that special gift, or add just the right touch to any room in your home. Create beautiful event invitations, spice up your kitchen with our large selection of accessories, or find the perfect gift for a hard to please friend – it’s all at J. Matheson Gifts, Kitchen & Gourmet.

Our knowledgeable staff prides itself in learning more about your needs to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Whether you are shopping for a birthday, baby shower, employee recognition, or just something special for yourself, we can help you find the perfect treasure.

Our staff earned the Snohomish County Customer Service Award of the Year for our skill and dedication to our customers. Experience our award-winning service for yourself – stop in and see us today!



– Cindy Waite

“Thank you so much for your help with the Sodastream that is being sent to Tennessee for my Mother’s birthday. I cannot imagine a better expierence at your store!!!! The excellent, warm and personable staff went the extra mile and made it a superb stop. A very productive trip from Vancouver,B.C. for the birthday gift and an unplanned culinary adventure and a shop for future gifts with welcome faces!!! We will definitely be returning to your shop again. Thank you again for everything! “

“I can find any gifts for any occasion. They wrap the gifts you buy very beautifully. They have a variety of gifts, kitchen utensils, gourmets, etc. When I go I find everything I am looking for. The employees are really friendly and helpful. Love Judy and ger employees”


– Luda Kolosha


– Charlene FrostĀ 

“When I need something for my house, I go to J. Matheson Gifts, Kitchen & Gourmet first. I feel it is important that local people support local businesses. I do not like malls as I do not feel they have the customer’s best interest at heart.”

“Whenever I’ve been in to visit your shop it is as if I’ve been sitting on a bench in a garden. I feel relaxed and peaceful from the music, the aromas, and the beautiful arrangement of colors and designs.”


– Wendy Nestling


– Micheal Boyle

“Found this shop by accident while looking for a local shop to purchase a pasta cutter. The lady there (who was very pleasant) happily showed us to the location.We found this shop to be well stocked with a lot of fun and practical items. Highly recommended, we’ll be returning.”

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